Blinds are an important part of every home, as they are needed to ensure your everyday privacy and light control. People often make the decision to invest in a low cost, low quality, blind not knowing that there are so many levels of style, color and functionality that a faux wood or real wood blind can offer at a very good price. 


We are proud to offer the new privacy feature from Norman where the routed holes that traditional blinds have running down the face of the louvers is a thing of the past. No more ribbons required to cover the intruding light. We also offer the 2 1/2"  louver size, when combined with the privacy feature gives you more of that shutter look at no extra cost for either upgrade.  Don't throw your money away on a boring white cut down blind with a huge stack of wasted louver at the bottom from just any retail store, add something custom fit and unique at an affordable price!


If you would like more information on products or to set up a free in home measure, please refer to our contact page.

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